Monday, August 17, 2009

Business As Usual - Summer Claymation Project

'Business As Usual' is a summer claymation project produced in Digipen.

Initiated by our drawing lecturer, the claymation began as a casual project to explore the process of claymation. Eventually the casual project evolved into a full-blown production that lasted for two whole months of pain-stalking animation, modeling/sculpturing and post-production.

The story depicts a Western recipe-thief intruding an exotic Chinese restaurant after closing hours one stormy evening. After being forced to serve the cowboy villain, the Chinese boss and chef decided to steal the recipes from the thief instead of turning him in for the bounty money. With the help of their cunning pet snake, the Chinese protagonists managed to outwit the cowboy thief and poison him. But just as the protagonists thought they won it all, the femme fatal snake turns on them and in a final twist possesses both the restaurant and recipes... (sucks to be a human in this film)

Enjoy the clip!

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