Monday, August 24, 2009

Renewing Creative License

Inspired by 'The Creative License' by Danny Gregory back in the early 08's, I started a Design Journal that lasted me till my enrollment into Digipen in Sept '09. Hopefully I'll get it back up and running once again when the semester starts...if the animation or 3D doesn't kill me first.

Just uploaded William O'Connor (illustrator from Wizard of the Coast) link into the Artist Blog section, so check it out!


Darryl Kee said...

wow i remeber these. are you sure they were '08? lol

yea i really like these, somehow ur recent stuff don't have this much attitute and character as these.

K2 said...

Aye my friend, I miss that drive I had back then, posted these stuff up to remind myself of what I should be doing, lolz!

Darryl Kee said...
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Darryl Kee said...

haha i think its just the pressure of churning out something good thats bogging you down.

i definately see that in your stuff

just let go a little, and just doodle or something. might surprise yourself