Saturday, October 31, 2009

Zen Semester

This semester, in terms of events beyond the academic realm, is probably the most uneventful semester I ever had.

Some insisted it's a blessing: an educational journey untainted by emotional distractions.
Nothing but a period of pure hardwork and concentration on studies, a transfiguration to be one with the 2d and 3d realm, a humble step closer to the animation Nirvana, a pilgrimage to the holy grail of creative passion, a divine resurrection of the materialistic sacrifices at the alter of hardcore studying...

But at times I question if its worth it sometim
Dedicating yourself wholly to the crafts of the design industry in both fear (of unemployment) and awe (of being as good as your concept artist idols), I do admit I miss living the life for someone (yes, cheesy but I don't care)...

Haha, Keedo's right about me, I'm bound to end up whining on the blog like I used to.
But nevertheless it's still an art blog, so art there shall be!

As most of my fellow DMD comrades would know, my 3d has always been my weakest link, so this semester I worked my ass off trying to get it up to par. Here's some noob examples of CG201, Introduction to 3D:

1. Simple composition with basic objects and texturing.

2. 12-sided dice with different basic shaders.

3. Daylight system on metallic chess pieces (love the reflection, lolz!)

Hopefully if I have the time, I'll post more personalized 2d stuff and the summer claymation animation (delayed due to its large file size).

Alright, now back to the wacom...Till then!

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