Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Rest for the Wicked

Its 5:55am, working overtime and overnight in Digipen just like the yesteryear.
Here's some WIP materials for the final leg of this messed up semester.

FREAK: The Purge Carnival

Final project for Dilip, assignment is to digitally paint a game poster featuring a person(s).
As a noob painter, I relied heavily on references for this run; the individual's portrait is based on that fat dude from LOST, the shotgun and bullets are painted from references too. Everything else, the clown make-up, the curtains, etc are filled in later. Lighting (and most of the theme) is inspired by the INFERNAL PARADE horror toys collection and Max Payne 3 poster.
Special thanks to Dilip for the demo, Amanda as the 'eye-lip' specialist, and Lin for the awesome blood brushes. Will probably work more on it when this semester's done...if there's still time.

A penny for a shot?


BIO final project with the objective of creating a mystical creature based on realistic animal anatomies. I went for a hybrid between the largest land and sea creatures ( a whale and an elephant to be specific) and came up with something very strange... Its like an elephant centaur but with a whale's body? Had to modify the elephant features into a more aquatic appearance by order from Calvin Tan. Its a fun project, but a hard b****h to design.

MERMAMONT line-art.

Now onto the other stuff...!


Trance said...

RAWR y no credit me on lineart hahahha

K2 said...

Sorry,I left it out coz I re-ink the lines for BIO submission... Nevertheless credits for Rah's initial 0.05 inking over the artwork that showed me the way!