Friday, March 5, 2010

SHIKAPOLIS model sheets.

Yoz, been awhile since I last posted something. After spending 2 weeks in Japan I pretty much played 'catch-up' for the rest of the semester. Admittedly most assignments I submitted were either too rushed or incomplete, so the GPA took a slight hit this mid-term.

Thanks to Keedo I suddenly remembered I have an art blog to update, so here's a few decent pieces for show:

(A noir Chicago gangster take on Greeks mythology.)

Villain/Anti-hero(Evil Hercules)
model sheet for animation project.

Prop/weapon (a modern take on Hercules's club)
model sheet for villain.

Pencil clean-up of the villain.

Creature (A religious 'Fire-breathing-God-of-Death')
model sheet.

Spring break is coming up, so its time to get some exercise and sleep!


Tom Seas said...

1. update!
2. gimme your email :p i dont like fb so i quit, can't contact you without it

Tom Seas said...
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